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Lead the charge: Combined USB-A and USB-C solutions from Hamilton  

Power up your customers – now and for the future – with the latest USB charging solutions from Hamilton Litestat. Demand for faster charging has led to new USB standards, resulting in opportunities to install 13A USB charging sockets and Euro Module solutions to support legacy devices and the new standard of smart devices.

Lead the charge today…and tomorrow!

Hamilton is supporting forward-thinking installers and their customers with combined double switched 2.4A USB sockets with both USB-A and USB-C charging points. By featuring both USB standards, Hamilton’s ‘must-have’ solutions ensure that homes and workplaces support not only the charging of legacy devices but are also prepared for future smart devices.

USB Double Pole Switched Sockets

Need a power boost?

While the switched 2.4A USB sockets suit some electricals, as smart devices continue to evolve and provide additional processing capabilities, they demand more power more rapidly than a 13A socket can support – such as the new, high-capacity MacBook Pro or iPad Pro.

In response, Hamilton has launched a 45W Type C / 18W Type A, 50×50 Euro Module to support such power-thirsty devices. When a device is plugged in to charge, the Euro Module automatically negotiates the power output in order to charge the device at full capacity.

Euro Module 45W USB-C/18W USB-A

Give your customers the power to support their charging requirements with Hamilton’s stylish USB charging solutions.

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