Martindale Electric launches the BZ701

Martindale Electric has introduced the new BZ701 socket tester and supply polarity tester, which offers 13A socket testing capability in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This new socket tester gives trade professionals a safe and reliable method of testing outlets, while also having the additional capability of identifying reversed live and neutral, a function not featured on many commercially available socket testers.

The new Martindale BZ701 unit not only detects 28 different socket wiring fault conditions and checks the mains voltage level, but it also safely identifies Line-Neutral reversal or cross polarity at the incoming supply. The polarity swap test detects fault conditions on PME/ TN-C-S systems (the most common type of supply) that cannot be identified by normal socket testers – making it an invaluable addition to any toolbox.

The BZ701 is also user-friendly – simply plug it in and activate it with the touchpad. Correct polarity is indicated by three flashing green LEDs, while a fault condition is immediately highlighted by three red LEDs and a warning buzzer. The red/green LEDs, buzzer and the ‘N E L’ labelled LEDs make it easy to pinpoint the source of common faults, while the tough and sculpted design ensures it’s both durable and easy to remove.

The Martindale BZ701 socket tester and supply polarity tester is for any electrician or maintenance engineer looking to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical installations and wiring. With its fast and easy mains testing and incoming supply cross-polarity test, along with its high/low voltage indication feature, Martindale believes that the BZ701 is the ultimate tool for identifying electrical faults.

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