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Megaman Used In Tom Dixon’s First Dining Project In Asia

Tom Dixon has incorporated over 300 of Megaman’s Crown Brass and Crown Silver LED lamps into the interior design of the stunning Alto Bar and Grill, Hong Kong. As well as creating a dramatic focal point in the main and private dining areas, the lighting scheme also has the additional benefit of delivering a saving of €4,357 in electricity costs per year, or €21,784 over the lamps’ lifetime, compared to traditional equivalents for the restaurant.

Alto Bar & Grill, owned by Dining Concepts, was developed under the creative direction of Tom Dixon, Design Research Studio (DRS) and was the designer’s first restaurant project in Asia. Each furnishing and fixture has been carefully selected for its association with the natural elements. For example, the extensive use of green marble and terrazzo stone, chosen because they embody the earth and the restaurant’s mountainous location.

Extensive use of green marble and terrazzo stone was chosen to reflect Alto’s mountainous location. Photography: Inga Beckmann

The decision to use a monochrome backdrop to frame the views, also sets off the pendant lamps that have been incorporated throughout the main dining space.  There is an expansive canopy of 230 Tom Dixon Gold Mini Melt pendant lamps, each containing a Megaman Crown Silver LED lamp.  The light bouncing and reflecting around the uneven surfaces creates a dramatic, melting hot, blown glass effect.

In the dining booths, Tom Dixon’s Fade pendants have been chosen.  Due to the metallised outer of each of the pendants, Megaman’s LED Crown Brass lamps were used to show these lamps off to best effect.  The end result is inviting dining spaces that are separated by pools of light over each of the white marble table tops.

This is the largest installation of its kind in the world and the effect over the main restaurant space is one of warmth, drama and glamour, in stark contrast to the restaurant’s blackened timber table tops and dark walls.

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