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New Energy Display association will make consumer savings a reality

New Energy Display association will make consumer savings a reality

BEAMA has announced the launch of the Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG), which took place at a reception at the House of Commons attended by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Charles Hendry.

Energy displays have proven highly successful in helping consumers to reduce electricity consumption and will play a significant role in the context of the UK’s national Smart Meter programme.

The recently published Empower Demand report from VaasaETT, Global Energy Think Tank compared the results of trials around the world and found average annual electricity savings of 8.68 per cent for customers supplied with IHDs.

Consumer energy displays include a range of devices and services, such as In Home Displays (IHDs), real time online user interfaces (UIs) and smartphone applications. The purpose of all of these is to collect accurate, real time information on the customer’s energy usage, and feed this back to the customer while helping them understand their usage and how they can better manage it.

Speaking at the launch, BEAMA’s association director for CEDIG, John Parsons, said, ‘The Consumer Energy Display Industry Group is the voice of the UK consumer energy information display industry. CEDIG’s purpose is to maximise the opportunity and choice for consumers in gaining visibility and insight into their energy use.

‘Consumer energy displays represent a new industry, and CEDIG will be active in promoting the technology, working with stakeholders to develop the arrangements needed to provide the displays with data. CEDIG will provide expert knowledge and feedback to government, utilities, consumer and standardisation bodies.’

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