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Seeing The Light: BEG Help Darke & Taylor Go Green

BEG has delivered an integrated lighting control strategy to Darke & Taylor in Oxfordshire and helped it become energy efficient.

Darke & Taylor, expanded its operations from leased premises in Langford Locks in Kidlington to a new fully-owned facility in Blenheim Office Park in Long Hanborough. The company required a lighting control solution at the development which would reduce their operating costs.

BEG carried out a lighting site survey before recommending a range of products to meet the different requirements of the individual rooms. It then provided a number of the master-type BEG Luxomat PD9M1CFC occupancy sensors for the main office. These were ideal as this area was open-plan and this type of sensor is designed for rooms where there is continuous daylight evaluation.

B.E.G. supplied Luxomat PD2MDALI/DSIFC sensors in the offices where Darke & Taylor’s designers work

In the offices where Darke & Taylor’s designers worked, BEG supplied its Luxomat PD2MDALI/DSIFC sensor. This detector is a master-type recessed DALI dimming sensor designed for daylight control of rooms where there are only minor movements. Luminaires are controlled and adjusted with daylight brightness.

BEG also supplied its IR-RC adapter which means all the sensors could be conveniently controlled by the Darke & Taylor facilities management team via the BEG smartphone App.

Sensors can be controlled by the Darke & Taylor team via the B.E.G. smartphone App
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