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TrustMark offers more protection to consumers with alternative dispute resolution

This will allow all TrustMark Scheme Operators and registered firms to be compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming European Directive on ADR and to have the option to offer their customers a clear, simple and low cost dispute resolution alternative to formal legal action should things go wrong.  

TrustMark will provide its own ADR process for disputes relating to domestic repair, maintenance and improvement work carried out in and around the home.  It will be available to both TrustMark-registered tradespeople and their customers for contracts to the value of £100,000 and they will be able to use the service as a ‘pay as you go’ with no annual fee or costs.

Simon Ayers, chief executive of TrustMark, says: ‘It is great news that we have been approved by the CTSI as an ADR provider and to provide a range of processes that offer both TrustMark-registered tradespeople and their customers an easier, quicker and more cost effective mechanism to resolve complaints, when compared to the court process.’

‘By providing our own ADR process, we can help Scheme Operators and their TrustMark-registered firms to become compliant with these new ADR laws and help them to treat their customers fairly, which in turn will boost consumer confidence.’

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