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Voltis Home boosts energy savings at BRE’s Sigma Home

Voltis Home boosts energy savings at BRE’s Sigma Home

The UK’s first property designed to meet Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes boasts a wealth of ground breaking energy saving innovations – including a Voltis Home domestic voltage optimiser from Marshall-Tufflex.

The Sigma Home forms part of the BRE’s Innovation Park in Watford and has been developed specifically to showcase how modern methods of construction can deliver commercially viable, affordable and virtually zero carbon properties. Already many thousands of people have toured the property to learn about its features and performance.

Designed and built by The Stewart Milne Group, Aberdeen, Sigma Home is constructed from a highly insulated closed panel timber frame, timber floor cassettes and pre-insulated roof cassettes. Rexel Energy Solutions, Essex, was responsible for equipping the property with cutting edge sustainable technologies including Voltis Home, air source heating, building controls, electric car charging, LED lighting, PV and solar thermal, energy monitoring and measurement systems etc.

Rexel specified Voltis Home for the project due to its close working relationship with Marshall-Tufflex and the cost and functionality of the system. Nick Smith, development director, Rexel Energy Solutions, said, ‘The visitor response has been very encouraging with a good level of understanding from all parties. It’s a simple concept with a decent return.’

Voltis Home is a smart choice for the Sigma Home project due to the high level of savings it can deliver, its ease of installation, cost effectiveness and zero maintenance requirements. The system works by reducing incoming supply voltage (ie 240V) to a lower level (ie 218V) so householders benefit from lower electricity bills and appliances last longer because they are not over supplied with electricity. New research also suggests that voltage optimisation will make worthwhile savings on LED lighting, an added bonus given the increasing number of these lamps in homes.

‘We are delighted to be involved in this immensely worthwhile project,’ said Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex head of marketing & technical services. ‘The Sigma Home highlights all that is best about domestic energy saving solutions and just how commercially viable and consumer friendly these products are. That this project is backed by the world renowned BRE, major housebulder Stewart Milne Group and leading energy saving systems provider Rexel Energy Solutions only serves to enhance its importance.’

The Sigma Home will continue to be updated to reflect new technologies coming on stream. Rexel Energy Solutions and Stewart Milne intend to monitor its performance, sharing data from research and analysis conducted on site to achieve further advancements.

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