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Supporting construction workers through peak operational periods

Peak period

Like every industry, construction has its peaks and troughs throughout the year. The winter period is commonly seen as prime time for businesses and contractors to source new projects for the year ahead and get a head start on their plans, working with designers and co-workers to outline project timelines and requirements.

With winter coming to an end, the industry is now about to enter its operational phase. April is the most common month for both interior and exterior construction projects to begin, as it often provides the start of a long period of construction-friendly weather, with drier ground and more hours of daylight to get things done. With the UK construction industry hitting its highest growth rate in nine months according to the S&P Global/Cips UK construction purchasing managers’ index, it is essential for workers to prepare for what is expected to be a very busy spring and summer period.

Project management is extremely important for tradespeople. Throughout the busy trading period most workers will be juggling several projects at once, so organisation is key to help clearly identify different solutions for different tasks. Through ManoManoPro, trade professionals have the ability to manage multiple projects remotely at the same time through a personalised platform that provides simple invoice management and step-by-step order tracking catered to each task at hand.

Accessibility is another big focus throughout spring and summer. Due to the ramped-up demand for construction, many tradespeople are working five extra hours a week, according to a 2022 survey from ManoManoPro, offering them little time to pick up the tools and accessories they require on a day-to-day basis. By having access to an online platform such as ManoManoPro instead of a bricks and mortar store, professionals gain access to an unrivalled choice of over 1.5 million products from trade-quality brands that can be delivered straight to the projects or renovation sites they are currently working on. The one-stop-shop is available anytime, anywhere via the online catalogue with 24 hour delivery on key items.

A final prioritisation for tradespeople over the next few months is simplicity. Throughout any busy period of work, there are always a few stumbling blocks along the way, which can lead to stressful situations. Having access to quick and simple solutions can ensure there is no delay to a project end date and help keep a positive working environment intact. ManoManoPro offers a dedicated team at the service of every customer, providing a personalised experience and expert advice through a team of specialists available by telephone, email, or online chat who can help make decisions and provide information on products according to each project or challenge they face.

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