Flying high! New Aico 160e series smoke alarms installed by Red Kite

Aico’s new 160e Series alarms are being used for the Grade D, LD2 installations – in compliance with BS 5839-6:2013, the British Standard for domestic smoke alarm installation. The alarms will be installed during Red Kite’s ongoing programme of electrical testing, which initially covers voids and mutual exchanges, and during major works such as kitchen and bathroom refurbishments.

The smoke and heat alarms are being interconnected within each property using Aico’s RadioLINK+ technology which removes the need to hard wire them together; instead the alarms are interconnected using Radio Frequency (RF) signals. This reduces disruption to properties, is quicker and more cost-effective to install and allows for greater system flexibility as alarms can be easily added or removed depending on different tenants’ needs. The wireless interconnectivity was enabled in this 160e Series system by plugging in a RadioLINK+ module (Ei100MRF) directly into the alarm head of each alarm at installation before House Coding them together.   

Red Kite Community Housing made the decision to install 160e Series alarms following the launch event held by Aico in 2015.  Tom Roper, assistant compliance manager for Red Kite, comments: ‘We always use Aico as they are the industry leader. In fact our contractors insist on it! They won’t use other manufacturers’ alarms as they don’t compare in quality, which for our customers is a priority.’

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