KNIPEX launches the TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers for stuck bolts and screws

The new KNIPEX TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers can be used to securely grip and reliably loosen stuck bolts and screws, even with a worn profile. An asymmetrical pipe grip ensures that flat workpieces can also be machined from the side to optimum effect. The slim, ergonomic pliers also has five adjustment positions thanks to convenient push-button adjustment.

Pliers’ specialist KNIPEX is introducing its new KNIPEX TwinGrip (82 01 200) Slip Joint Pliers as the optimum solution for stuck bolts and screws. Thanks to the clever combination of front and side gripping functions, an extremely resilient box-joint and finely serrated push-button adjustment, the range of applications for this powerful tool is broad. These very slim pliers with narrow turning zone for quickly tightening and loosening screws, enable powerful gripping and ergonomically comfortable working even in confined spaces.

The high-grip front jaw has robust teeth and a high gear ratio at the tip of the mouth. Serrated gripping surfaces in the pliers axis support safe gripping from the front, while the high gear ratio allows the KNIPEX TwinGrip to easily grip, tighten and loosen even heavily worn screw heads. Even flat workpieces can be reliably gripped from the front thanks to the asymmetrical pipe grip with its 3-point system. Side-griping is just as powerful and handy with the KNIPEX TwinGrip. The serrated gripping hole also firmly grips round materials and hexagonal profiles in this position.

The geometry of the 2-zone gripping jaws is optimised for maximum grip when loosening and tightening screws, thanks to the opposing alignment of the teeth. A slip joint with five push-button settings can be precisely adjusted to large front and side gripping capacities for diameters and widths across flats from four to 22 millimetres. The push-button engages securely and thus prevents unintentional shifting. A pinch stop ensures safety against crushing injuries. The KNIPEX TwinGrip is forged from chrome vanadium electric steel and oil-hardened; its teeth are also inductively hardened to approx. 61 HRC.

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