Label Bar launches new website

Label Bar has been supplying a wide range of labels to contractors, engineers, wholesalers and business owners for over 10 years. The trusted company only provides products which match all regulation and legal requirements in the UK.

There is also a selection of customisable products to accommodate the needs of every individual business, providing bespoke labels to match specific requirements and branded with the company name, logo and contact details.

Managing director Will Best said, ‘Being able to offer our customers a 24 hour service with quick and easy shopping at any time of the day, for any order, was really the main aim of launching the website making our outstanding service even more reliable.’

Business owners can find every required label imaginable on the Label Bar website, including labels for health and safety, test and servicing, fire safety, electrical safety, asset ID and barcoding, custom labels and many more.

The huge label range allows you to ensure the safety of your staff, company property, and adhere to health and safety laws within your company property or location.

The website also offers free UK delivery on all orders with a 24 hour dispatch. To view the full range of labels visit the new website:

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