New ready-to-go commercial SPD boards from Hager

Mike Lawrence, Marketing Manager – Commercial Buildings at Hager, explains how the company’s new market-leading surge protection device (SPD) boards for commercial installations are offering electrical contractors a ‘ready-to-go’ integrated solution.

Hager now offers one part number for every size of its TPN distribution boards with the incomer and surge protection kits factory fitted, saving contractors time otherwise spent installing the individual elements.

A combination of full surge protection device integration within the panel board, and a number of features and benefits to improve surge protection effectiveness, means electricians and end users can be assured that fitting a Hager commercial SPD board guarantees the very best surge protection.

One of the consequences of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations has been an increased focus on equipment protection against surge transient voltages. In commercial installations, the regulations clarified why and where a surge protection device should be fitted, and outline that it is the responsibility of the electrical designer to ensure the installation is compliant.

The regulations are clear. Protection against transient over voltages needs to be provided where the consequences caused by overvoltage could:

  • Result in serious injury, or loss of human life, or
  • Result in interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage, or
  • Result in interruption of commercial or industrial activity, or
  • Affect a large number of co-located individuals

Such scenarios account for the majority of commercial installations, ranging from public buildings and business premises, and require the inclusion of surge protection. In the unlikely event that a non-domestic installation is not covered in the four scenarios above, then a risk assessment needs to be performed.

Should the outcome of the risk assessment indicate that surge protection devices are needed, then it will be a regulatory requirement that they are installed. Likewise, if the risk assessment is not performed, then surge protection devices should be installed.

New from Hager – full integration of SPD kits within the distribution panel board

To support electrical contractors to reduce installation times, meet compliance responsibilities, and alleviate the need to purchase and fit separate protection device items for boards, the industry can now benefit from Hager’s factory fitted and fully integrated commercial SPD board to provide optimum surge protection performance.

The new commercial boards have been enhanced to enable all surge protection kits to fit within the distribution board – as opposed to being located in a separate enclosure. This innovative and market-leading solution provides the shortest connections to the surge protection device from the incoming supply, and better performance when it comes to protecting important and often valuable equipment.

No secondary upstream protection devices required

In the past, surge protection devices required an MCB/MCCB or fuses in the distribution board to provide backup protection using one of the outgoing ways in the distribution board. The new Hager solution removes this requirement. For example, a four-way board retains the ability to be used for four TP ways rather than only three due to the SPD requiring one dedicated way. Removing the requirement for a secondary upstream device simplifies and speeds up installation timescales.

SPD kits for TPN boards

Hager’s Type 1 SPDs have been tested to ensure they work effectively in conjunction with a Type 2 SPD in a downstream TPN board. With the new regulations advising that SPDs should be selected from a single manufacturer to ensure they work together, Hager has gone further with verified testing to ensure effective co-ordination.

All Hager Surge Protection kits are CT2 type arrangements

To conform to Section 534 of the 18th Edition, the new Hager surge protection kits included in the commercial SPD boards are CT2 type arrangements. This means Hager SPD devices are applicable for all common UK earthing arrangements such as TNC-S (PME), TN and TT earthing systems and remove the risk of incorrect selection.

Hager has also introduced solid copper earth links in all SPD kits, achieving a best in class up effective performance measured at the main busbars of the distribution board.

To ensure optimum surge protection performance and reliability so that equipment can be fully protected, Hager’s new solution offers factory fitted and full SPD device integration for ‘ready-to-go’ installations, the removal of the need for secondary protective devices, the use of shorter conductor paths, and the inclusion of solid copper earth links.

It all adds up to a powerful, practical and effective surge protection solution that will aid professional contractors and reassure end users alike.

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