Tridonic and Thorn Lighting collaborate to provide LED installation for Durham Cathedral Lego model

The design of the interior lighting for this model highlights the internal features such as the Font and the cathedral’s infamous sandstone pillars.

Stuart Sloane, operations director at Tridonic, said: ‘Durham Cathedral encapsulates the skills of builders and architects over several centuries, Lego was an innovative toy when first introduced and is one that continues to bring pleasure to young and old, and LED lighting is the future of lighting, so this project combines all three elements in a unique way.’

The model’s interior was lit using Thorn Lighting’s Omega strip, each of which measures 594mm and contains 62 LED modules. These were then wired to the appropriate drivers and control gears to enable the lighting to emphasise different elements of the model.

When complete, the 300,000 brick model will be as accurate a scale representation of the Cathedral as possible, spanning 3.84 metres in length, 1.53 metres wide and 1.7 metres high. For every £1.00 donated, one Lego brick is added to the model Cathedral and over 160,000 bricks have been added so far. All donations will go towards Open Treasure, a project which will transform public access to some of the Cathedral’s most spectacular spaces and to the breathtaking collections that it has acquired over the centuries. Donors can visit the Cathedral and place bricks on the model in person or donate online.

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