A new upgraded website for Wrexham Mineral Cables

Wrexham Mineral Cables, UK manufacturer of fire-resistant mineral cables, has announced the launch of its upgraded website.

As well as a completely fresh look, the website has been designed to provide both new and existing customers with access to detailed information about Mineral Insulated Copper Cable (MICC), which is seen by many as the only true fire survival cable.

Presented in a simple to navigate format, alongside product information and technical data, the website also features a series of informative videos detailing the benefits of MICC and highlighting its superior performance under test conditions. The download centre provides a comprehensive library of technical information to provide visitors with typical specifications, relevant standards, and installation guides.

Steve Williams, Wrexham Mineral Cables Commercial Manager, comments: “There has been a clear message across the construction industry that occupant safety needs to be a greater priority through the entire life cycle of a building. In redesigning the website, we felt it was crucial to highlight the important role fire resistant cables play in achieving this.  The new website offers improved navigation and functionality throughout, providing visitors with easily accessible and informative content about the benefits of specifying and installing mineral insulated copper cables.”

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