Sustainable Project of the Year

General Criteria

The Electrical Contracting News Awards 2024 are trade-only awards, meaning consumers are not permitted to enter any category. Each award will be judged by an independent expert panel based on the criteria set out for each category. The judges will individually score each entry. There is a qualifying period which will define which entries will be valid. This period is between 1 September 2023 and 31 August 2024. That means any product launched, or any project completed, before or after these dates will not be eligible to enter.

Each category will have a 500-word limit, plus a further 250 words will be available to explain why you think you deserve to win the award. There will be different criteria for each award category. Please also supply up to three images of the product, plus the company’s logo. Entrants may also supply up to one page of supporting evidence, such as testimonials, press coverage, case studies, spec sheets.

The awards are completely FREE to enter and there is no limit on the number of categories or number of submissions you can tender. Entries will close on 13 September 2023.

Sustainable Project
of the Year

Who can enter: The Sustainable Project of the Year category can be entered by a company that has completed a project during the qualifying period. A representative, such as a PR company, may also enter their client.

When entries close: Your entry should be submitted by
13 September 2024.

What we’re looking for: A project that can demonstrate its sustainability and efforts to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.

  • Technology: What products were used to complete this project, and why did you choose them?
  • Innovation: Did you use any innovative technologies to help the customer achieve exactly what they wanted?
  • Sustainability: How did this project contribute to your customer’s sustainability objectives? Can you demonstrate a reduction in carbon emissions as a result of this project? How did you ensure that your own company’s carbon emissions were as low as possible when carrying out this project?