A ‘sip’ closer to solving workplace wellbeing issues

With the issue of workplace wellbeing continuing to hit the headlines, Heatrae Sadia is urging contractors and facilities managers to consider the benefits of a well-hydrated workforce, particularly within SMEs.

Although there has been a general increase in awareness surrounding the issues of health and wellbeing in the workplace, some recent research has highlighted the ongoing scale of the problem. One report found that ‘sick building syndrome’ – a phenomenon of the 1990s – is making a return, casting doubt over the extent to which progress has been made.

In a separate report on wellbeing in the workplace, it was found that 82% of SME business leaders confessed that they do not have a wellbeing strategy in place, despite 67% of employees experiencing job-related stress or anxiety.

Given that an estimated 130 million days are lost to sickness absence each year, the importance of schemes which improve the welfare of employees is clear, and nearly half of SME business leaders polled said they would like to introduce one. Finding time and budget is a perennial problem for small businesses, but it is crucial that employers begin to implement a strategy as soon as possible. A relatively straightforward way of doing this is to consider the benefits of easily accessible drinking water.

Hydration is widely regarded as one of the key factors in determining cortisol levels, which is effectively the body’s stress hormone. A lack of drinking water can cause an increase in cortisol within the body, leading to fatigue, concentration issues, and greater difficulties dealing with everyday problems.

Roy Marsden, Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, comments, “While only part of the wellbeing picture, providing employees with easily accessible and quality drinking water should be higher on the agenda than it currently is. The numerous benefits of keeping hydrated throughout the working day make it vital that employers look at drinking water as a high priority for their workforce’s wellbeing.”

Aside from the direct benefits of staying hydrated, providing a convenient drinking water supply can also be linked with biophilic design. This is part of the trend towards emphasising our connection with nature, by looking at how our surroundings can have a positive impact on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Marsden continues, “Alongside natural light and air quality, easy access to water is one of three key determinants to establishing a healthy workplace. This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge, and something as simple as introducing a chilled water dispenser, such as Heatrae Sadia’s Aquatap or SuperChill, can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of a workforce.”

As the issues surrounding employee health and welfare continue to dominate the news agenda, and given the simplicity in introducing easily accessible drinking water, facilities managers and contractors should view this as an opportunity to help SMEs improve their employees’ wellbeing.

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