ABB helps Boulting Technology reach out to new markets

Boulting introduced its new switchboards to help its customers integrate renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels or wind turbines. In addition, developments in building and industrial automation mean that the firm’s customers have growing requirements for switchboards with higher levels of energy efficiency, safety and flexibility.ABB launched the Emax 2 in response to calls from industry for higher levels of performance and functionality.

The breaker is available in four frame sizes that are up to 25 percent smaller in footprint and overall volume than comparable circuit breakers. The smaller size has enabled some operators to fit more functionality into smaller spaces, freeing up room for other revenue-generating services or allowing switchboards to fit into compact cabinets.

ABB’s support during the project included the supply of circuit breakers as well as technical support and encouragement. The development and testing of new switchboard panels is a long process that starts with mechanical design and construction of the metal enclosures that will house the switchgear and other components.

During the project, ABB supplied all four sizes of the Emax 2 to Boulting’s partner and manufacturer of enclosures Rolla, which created the enclosures and busbars and installed the circuit breakers. ABB also provided support during the type testing process, during which panels are tested against IEC 61439 to ensure that they are capable of performing safely under fault conditions.

Certified switchboards

Working together with Boulting and Rolla has meant that ABB’s customers have access to IEC 61439 certified switchboards to control the flow of power distribution that will stand the test of time.

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