Aico supports distributors with point-of-sale installations

Throughout April and May, Aico’s dedicated team of 29 Regional Specification Managers (RSMs) are travelling across the UK, offering in-branch support with product displays by assembling and installing over 500 new point-of-sale units.

Aico’s team of RSMs work closely with a reputable network of distributors and offer support which can range from in-branch marketing guidance to training for the whole branch. They are also always on hand to handle any specialised orders that need extra attention.

Martin Przewozny, Regional Specification Manager for Aico, comments, “I recently had an exciting morning at Edmundsons Manchester in Salford! We have just unveiled our latest point-of-sale stand featuring Aico’s Ei3030, which combines individual Optical, Heat and CO sensors that is due to launch in May.

“It’s great to work with such a brilliant network of distributors and be able to support with innovative point-of-sale solutions for Aico products.”

Aico strives to develop new products and technologies, paying attention to every detail, and considering customer service at all points. Each new point-of-sale unit is being installed, with a Regional Specification Manager present to offer support and ensure the quality and installation of the unit are to a high standard.

Aico regularly welcomes wholesalers to its Centre of Excellence in Oswestry, to deliver Expert Installer Training and provide insight into its IoT devices. This training ensures Aico employees are confident and up-to-date in their knowledge of Aico products, enabling them to deliver the best customer service possible.

As part of this offering, distributors often host Ask Aico events at their premises with support from their local RSM to provide installers with everything they need to know about domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection.

Tony Boyle, National Sales Manager at Aico says, “Electrical distributors are a valued and integral part of our supply chain and our route to market. Aico products can be purchased from nearly 2,500 trading electrical distributors across the UK. We are delighted that our distributor partners are showcasing Aico products and utilising our new point-of-sale display stands, which take pride of place at many a trade counter.”

The key features of the new point-of-sale units include:

  • An eye-catching LED Display
  • Displays up to 96 products
  • Interchangeable messaging and Hero product display to showcase new products

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