Aico RadioLink wire free alarm interconnection system upgraded

RadioLink works by allowing Aico multi-sensor, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to be wirelessly interconnected by radio frequency (RF) signals, rather than cabling. If one alarm on the system is triggered, RF signals cause every other alarm on that system to sound, providing the earliest warning to the building’s occupants. Because there is no need to run interconnect cabling between the alarms and lift floorboards, chase cables or fit trunking, RadioLink saves time and disruption when installing systems in existing properties.

RadioLink has now been further enhanced to allow for Remote House Code entry, which can save time and get over access issues when installing smoke alarms into HMOs and flats. RadioLink alarms are fitted in the communal areas and/or stairwells, and wirelessly interconnected to heat alarms just inside the entrance to each individual flat.

The new remote House Code entry feature now removes the need to gain access to every flat simultaneously to House Code the system together. One RadioLink base can be used to put all the other bases in the system into House Code mode, so alarms can easily be added to a system at a later date if it isn’t possible to access all the flats in one go.

In addition, the upgrade to the RadioLink base now enables installers to add control to mixed (or ‘hybrid’) hard-wired and RF systems. Simplicity itself, all that is required to achieve this is replacing a single base on the hard-wired system with a new RadioLink base.

Once completed, a RadioLink Control Switch can then be fitted to provide full control of the entire hybrid system. The Control Switch allows residents to quickly identify and locate the exact unit which has triggered, and simply test and silence all the alarms on the system from one convenient, wall mounted location. 

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