Aico’s RadioLINK wins Electrical Industry Award

RadioLINK allows alarms and accessories to be interconnected wirelessly using Radio Frequency (RF) signals, rather than cabling – it saves time and disruption when extending/interconnecting alarms in properties. The British Standard for domestic smoke alarm installation, BS 5839-6:2013, recommends interconnection for Grade D smoke alarm systems, which is the typical system to be found in domestic dwellings. In the event of one alarm detecting a fire, all interconnected alarms will sound throughout the property giving the resident the earliest warning of danger and the best chance of escape.

Hard-wired interconnection is time consuming and can cause significant disruption; as a result, it can be difficult, especially when installing alarms in existing properties. Using RadioLINK wireless interconnection does away with all these issues.

When Aico launched RadioLINK in 2008, it was the very first domestic fire alarm system to feature wireless alarm interconnection. Aico has continued to develop its RadioLINK system to extend its usage. Most recently, RadioLINK has been taken to a whole new level, improving installation techniques with, for example, Remote House Code entry, which can save time and get over access issues when installing smoke alarms into HMOs and flats; extending the technology across Aico’s full product range; adding accessories such as the innovative Ei450 Alarm Controller which enables the resident to Test the system, Locate a triggered alarm or Silence the alarms from one convenient location; and allowing for full control of mixed (or ‘hybrid’) hard-wired and RadioLINK systems.

Commenting on the success of RadioLINK at the Electrical Industry Awards and in the market at large, Martyn Walley, national technical manager at Aico, said, ‘RadioLINK was a game changer for the industry. This wireless interconnection technology makes mains powered alarms quicker and easier to install, so interconnection itself is more popular and also, it is far simpler to make changes to a system. Ultimately RadioLINK has provided a higher level of protection which may have led to more lives being saved.

‘Aico is at the forefront of the domestic smoke alarm market and we have continued – and will continue – to invest in RadioLINK, leading the way in quality fire alarm solutions for domestic properties. We are genuinely delighted to receive this award in recognition of this.’

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, all Aico alarms are designed and built in Europe, specifically to meet UK standards and regulations, under the strictest of quality controls.

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