An innovative, reliable, high-quality and flexible power and lighting solution

Recent increases in energy costs have seen an uplift in the application of solutions installed throughout commercial settings which can reduce a building’s power consumption. In addition, building regulation changes and long-term government decarbonisation pathways are seeking to further improve the energy efficiency of buildings and drive the specification of sustainable solutions that underpin the UK’s 2050 net zero carbon emission target.

Hager’s Power and Lighting Distribution Boards offer greater configuration flexibility and increased energy consumption data transparency within commercial premises.

Energy data transparency

Available in 125A and 200A ratings, Hager’s Power and Lighting Boards are based around a new energy meter, enabling building owners, landlords and tenants to better understand where energy is being consumed and potentially wasted. The boards provide access to improved and simplified energy monitoring and the integration of the associated data into a commercial building’s environmental monitoring or building management system.

Providing load-type labelling on the meter to easily identify small power (SP) and lighting (LL) circuit electrical parameters, ensures electrical contractors and system integrators select the correct registers and associated values when integrating the energy data into the EMS/BMS systems, ultimately delivering improved transparency around energy consumption.


With 125A two-section Power and Lighting board available as standard, or an innovative three-section 200A rated board, it provides set-up options that enable the board to be used in different operating mode configurations, whilst retaining the correct labelling of load type on the meter. Organised in a pure Power and Lighting or Lighting and Power orientation, the 200A board can also be configured to monitor 4TP ways for Mechanical services, where required. This creates a market-leading, flexible solution that can be adapted if some Mechanical Service circuits need to be added in the future. In this arrangement, all three net energy group values are available to view or communicate to a monitoring system. Total board energy parameters are also available, making this a very versatile standard Power and Lighting board range.

The new Hager Power and Lighting Distribution Boards also offer:

  • A fully verified DBO to product standard BS EN 61439-3 for assured performance.
  • The ability to directly label energy values makes it easy to correctly identify the values of a specific load type.
  • Factory fitted switch disconnector incomers fitted on both the 200A and 125A board options speed up installation and simplify ordering.
  • The opportunity to add standard surge protection kits as an accessory, with solid copper earth links for improved Up performance of the SPD function, improve the protection of downstream sensitive electrical products.

With a need to ensure energy is consumed as efficiently as possible, it is vital building operators can access accurate and timely information for building-related energy monitoring and use. Doing so allows them to make informed decisions around how to make efficiencies and cut increasingly expensive energy bills. Hager’s next-generation power and lighting electrical distribution boards for commercial buildings meet this need with options for 200A and 125A installations.

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