Announcing Recolight’s remanufacturing conference

Clients are warming to the concept of reconditioned lights to achieve both sustainability goals and cost savings. And now tenders are beginning to emerge which specify that the reconditioning and reuse of luminaires is an option in a project. This conference will take participants through the opportunities and the challenges, and equip and inspire them for their remanufacturing journey.

The one-day Recolight conference is focused on the remanufacture of lighting equipment. It will take place in London on 27 April 2023 from 10:30 – 16:00.

“Remanufacturing is set to be a fast-growing area of the lighting industry as customers increasingly ask for the option of upgraded products,” says conference Chair, Ray Molony. “We’re seeing in the tech industry the rapid de-stigmatisation of reconditioned products, and attitudes are rapidly changing.”

Aimed at manufacturers, suppliers and specifiers, the presentations will give delegates vital insights to help drive their businesses forward, and ensure they stay at the forefront of the sustainable lighting revolution.

This CPD-approved event will give participants the tools, insights, and contacts to make a success of luminaire reconditioning and reuse. They’ll learn how to sell the concept of reconditioned lights, develop best practice policies, comply with the applicable standards, set up a testing regime for reused luminaires, and remanufacture fittings at scale. The gathering will also spread inspiration from ‘real world’ projects, which prove that remanufacturing can be a success for everyone. They will also meet key players in the remanufacturing industry network and specifiers with the power to get their products into projects.

Early confirmed speakers include Simon Fisher, Director, F Mark and founding partner of The Regen Initiative; Kevin Stubbs FSLL, Technical Sales Manager at Llumarlite and BSI committee member; Tom Ruddell, Lead Remanufacture Engineer at EGG Lighting; David Clements, Chief Executive of FUTURE Designs; Andrew Nixon, Design and Development Director of Gamma Illuminatio and Darrell West, Managing Director at Eco Fix and founding partner of The Regen Initiative.

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO says, “Recolight operate as a not-for-profit compliance scheme. We are on a mission to recycle less lighting, but to reuse far more. All too often, recycling is the easy option – but frequently it does not produce the best environmental outcomes. We are committed to working with our partners throughout the lighting industry to move towards a sustainable, Circular Economy model. The low attendance cost reflects this, and is set to cover administration and venue hire.”

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