Ansell Lighting extends warranties on lithium emergency products

Ansell Lighting has announced upgrades to its product and battery warranties on its market-leading Lithium Eco and Lithium Pro emergency ranges.

Lithium powered emergency lighting, used widely across public venues and commercial settings, uses pulse charging instead of the standard trickle charging, which puts less strain on components and therefore electronics last longer.

Ansell has now increased the battery and product warranties on its Lithium Eco product range, which includes the Kestrel Suspended Exit Sign, the Panel Pod Emergency and the Three Circuit Legion, from three years to five years.

The Lithium Pro range – which includes the Watchman, the Razzo, and Monarch bulkhead – has also received a warranty upgrade increasing from five years to six years on both product and battery warranty as standard.

Lithium powered emergency lighting has a smaller form factor, which allows more flexibility with luminaire design. Lithium batteries are also installed with protection to monitor against short circuit, over-charging and mechanical damage, and they also have a lower parasitic load which reduces power consumption and therefore leads to lower costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting says: “We believe these extended warranties are among the best in the industry. They underline our faith in the longevity and durability of our products and will hopefully give our customers peace of mind as well.  As a business we are trying to offer more sustainable solutions and to encourage our customers to do the same, so hopefully these extended warranties will further enhance the appeal of these well as continuing to offer sustainable solutions.”

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