Are you ready for the zombie invasion?

The Zombie Evacuation Race is taking place on Monday 31st October 2016 at the Allianz Park, London. The race promises to give you a number one experience you will never forget. 

The charity is offering a choice of two races including the Apocalypse at Alliance Park and the Dusk ‘Till Dawn Race that will leave you running for your life through a 5k course while navigating through a multitude of challenging obstacles. 

The Apocalypse at Allianz Park will give you an opportunity to save the park from infected Zombies who are planning to scare and infect the inhabitants of the park. Your aim is to prevent those merciless zombies from biting you three times, outrun the Zombie hoards and dodge the undead to save the park. 

A new terrifying breed of the undead has also been witnessed in the woods surrounding the Allianz Park, who are descending on the stadium after dusk. You have an opportunity to see those terrifying new creatures who haunt the arena and help the RAZOR team to fight this new danger that threatens to take down the stadium. 

Are you ready to save the stadium? Challenge yourself at the Dusk ‘Till Dawn and test your courage, endurance and survival abilities by being the last one standing to win a £200 reward. 

Managing director, Tessa Ogle said, ‘The 5k Zombie Evacuation Race is a fun experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Participants in the race will be able to experience running in a different atmosphere which will challenge their ability to overcome their biggest fears and will test their endurance while raising money for those who need help most.’

Do you think you can dodge the undead? Sign up with friends and colleagues today and take a team challenge of a lifetime. For more information, visit:

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