Are you up for a challenge?

for the challenge

Are you up for the challenge? It’s time to sign up your team to compete in the Electrical Industries Charity Race Across Europe. It needs you and four industry colleagues to tackle the biggest sector step challenge ever! You’ll be pitted against other companies in a race to reach seven check points across the continent. Cycle, swim, walk or run and clock up miles in a bid to be on the podium when time runs out…

It’s up to your team how you divide and conquer the miles between checkpoints but as soon as you reach each checkpoint you need to clock in and record the time of your leg. Remember, as soon as you reach the check point and you have clocked in you can start heading towards your next location!

Date: 3rd May – 18th June 2021

Registration fee: £225 per team

Fundraising target: £2,000 per team


  • Starting Point – Charity HQ in Tower Bridge, London, England
  • Checkpoint 1 – 214 miles from HQ – the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
  • Checkpoint 2 – Grossmunster Cathedral, 297 miles away in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Checkpoint 3 – German city, Munich and the Marienplatz 162 miles from checkpoint 3
  • Checkpoint 4 – Czech Republic capital, Prague and the Charles Bridge 165 miles from the beer halls of Munich
  • Checkpoint 5 – Berlin, Germany, 173 miles from Prague and our next checkpoint. Clock in at Bradenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint 6 – Amsterdam, Holland, the longest leg at 360 miles from Berlin. Meet the teams at Centraal Station
  • Checkpoint 7 – Head home and clock back in at Charity HQ in Tower Bridge, London, 230 miles from Centraal Station.

Total miles to be completed by each team – 1606 miles over the duration of the challenge.

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