ARMD agree anti-tool theft partnership with IBMG

IBMG collaboration

ARMD and the Independent Builders Merchant Group (IBMG) have entered a partnership that looks set to protect more tradespeople from the terrible effects of tool theft.

The partnership will bring ARMD’s all-in-one smart van alarm, tracker and insurance package to IBMG’s builder customers, offering a solution that proactively prevents theft in the first place and gets them back on the tools should the worst happen. IBMG’s brands include some famous independent merchant brands, from Chandlers Building Supplies, Grant & Stone, CRS and Parker Building Supplies to Devondale Electrical Wholesalers, Burns Plumbers Merchants and many more. All of IBMG’s 100,000 customers will benefit from exclusive discounts on the ARMD GUARD security alarm, its dedicated insurance and alarm/insurance bundles.

“We are delighted to be working with IBMG,” says Duncan Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer of ARMD. “Tool theft is the scourge of tradespeople that effects 78% of them. Together with IBMG we are protecting their livelihoods with affordable solutions that help prevent theft and quickly reimburse them if the worst happens.”

“Tool theft is a risk that many of our customers face, and this fantastic partnership adds value and gives control back to hard working tradespeople when it comes to protecting their livelihoods,” comments Ian Kenny, Group Marketing Director at IBMG.

Ian says, “Our partnership with ARMD allows us to offer our customers an affordable product to help mitigate the risk of tool theft. Supported by exclusive discounts for IBMG customers, we hope to offer our hard-working customers increased protection at an affordable price point.”

The recently launched ‘plug and play’ ARMD GUARD smart van alarm and tracker and silently watches over tools and in the event of a break-in the alarm triggers a phone call notification. This instant alert allows tradespeople to take immediate action by calling the police and catching thieves in the act while it locates and tracks the van, if it is stolen, with the inbuilt GPS. The ARMD GUARD integrates seamlessly with the ARMD app, which includes a tool inventory that allows tradespeople to keep a record of the value of their tools. The app also provides van security, insurance, tool and van location all in one place, all working together to bring a superior layer of protection to a tradesperson’s livelihood.

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