ARMD ‘sticks one up’ to tool theft at Toolfair and Elex

ARMD ‘sticks one up’ to tool theft at Toolfair and Elex

Incidents of tool theft in the South East of England have seemingly been at an all-time high, but at the recent Toolfair and Elex show at Sandown Park, Esher, ARMD took the initiative to protect the trade.

Giving out free ‘stick one up to tool theft’ stickers, ARMD demonstrated how its insurance, combined with its ARMD Guard Smart Van Alarm and Tracker, allows hard-working professionals to take control; not only preventing theft, but getting back on the tools quickly should the worst happen.

“We targeted Sandown Park as many trades from the London area flock to the show to buy their power tools,” explains Stephen Holland, Co-Founder of ARMD. “The interest we had was overwhelming. Many more tradespeople are now properly insured and their vans are protected with the ARMD Guard, which sends an alert to your phone if your van is being broken into.”

According to LBC radio, tool theft is costing the UK construction industry over £100m during the cost of living crisis, with at least 110 tools being stolen each day on average, according to figures from 25 of the 45 territorial police forces in the UK.

Andy Trotter, the former Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, labelled LBC’s figures, “devastating for tradespeople”. He says, “The impact is enormous, particularly when people are going through a very tough time economically. It is a huge problem for the police to deal with.”

However, ARMD is a great solution to protect your tools, and should you be the victim of theft, resume work without delay.

“Without the resources to police tool theft effectively, ARMD is the best option to take back control and really make sure you can get back to work in no time,” explains Mark Tiff, a heating and plumbing installer who has been in the trade for over 25 years and is also well known for his popular Real World Plumbing YouTube channel.

“It’s easy to set up and you can claim on your insurance digitally through the app, which saves so much time and aggro. My advice is to download the ARMD app, input what tools you have got and get covered – don’t leave it too late. It takes just a few minutes!”

ARMD were giving away its Hi-Viz van stickers at the show encouraging trades to stick one up to tool theft and show solidarity in fighting the problem. Toolfair Sandown was also the first ‘in-person’ launch of its latest smart van alarm and tracker, which proved a popular choice amongst show visitors.

ARMD will be appearing at more trade shows and events throughout the year.

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