Armorduct joins BEAMA

BEAMA collaboration

Armorduct has joined BEAMA to help develop the trade association’s next best practice guide for cable containment design, specification and installation.

Dave Taylor, Technical Manager for Armorduct says, “This next best practice guide will be a significant document because since the last version – in 2014 – there have been some big changes in the standards.

“Large volumes of cabling run through buildings to provide both electrical and data connections but the heat of fire can cause cable housings to fail and hidden cables to fall and become a hazard.

“Since 2019 you have to adequately support all cables using non-combustible fixings to prevent premature collapse in the event of a fire, not just those on escape routes.

“It means that specifiers and installers must select high quality products that will perform if there is a fire. This guide will provide advice on preventing such premature collapse.”

Armorduct will also be involved in two further working groups as part of the cable management, cable tray and trunking group. One will be involved in product fire resistance testing and the other in the development of the revised product standard BS EN 50085.

Dave adds, “As a proud British manufacturer we felt that it was vital to be involved in developing best practice, and also in setting future standards and regulations for cable management products.

“Power and data are vital for an efficient and safe workplace, and it is important that containment systems provide a safe and reliable means of getting it to where it is needed. As such, we are delighted to be joining BEAMA and adding our voice to those of other responsible manufacturers to help maintain standards in modern installations.”

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