Aurora Group wins LUX Manufacturer of the Year Award 2015

As part of one of the largest privately-owned international LED lighting organisations, the Aurora Group has delivered over $1 billion of award-winning solutions to customers in over 70 countries throughout its 16-year history.

The judges pointed to a company that demonstrated value-for money products with quality that consistently exceeds expectations, calling it a playbook in how you succeed in lighting.

Richard Sells, Aurora’s group managing director, said; ‘It is such an honour to win this prestigious accolade, which recognises our achievements across all of a lighting manufacturer’s disciplines.’

Aurora continually invests in world class in-house manufacturing capabilities and facilities including R&D, manufacturing, engineering, product development competencies in the UK and Asia. 

Through an East/West partnership, it has developed specific competencies in key areas in all elements of Lighting DNA such as light source, thermal management, optics, driverless technologies, light engines, smart connected products, luminaire manufacturing and testing labs. Aurora recently became a Nemko-approved laboratory which means it can certify its own products to a globally recognised standard.

Executing a multichannel strategy, Aurora sells across different industry channels through key brands: Aurora, Enlite (value-driven lighting essentials enabling increased LED adoption), OEM/ODM and Liteworks – design, service and support. 

At LuxLive, the Aurora Group unveiled its new catalogue, ‘Lighting 2016 Edition 1’ and demonstrated how the company intends to deliver ‘Value Beyond Illumination’ in 2016 and beyond to accommodate five sectors – residential, hospitality, retail, commercial and industrial.

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