Baxi’s training courses to boost installer confidence

Baxi's air source heat pump training suite to boost installer confidence

Baxi has launched a full suite of air source heat pump (ASHP) training courses to support heating engineers and installers, as they look to become more familiar with and qualified to install the increasingly popular technology.

From understanding how air source heat pumps work to designing, installing and commissioning them, Baxi’s new courses have been developed to help installers work comfortably and efficiently with the technology, at every level of experience.

The new ASHP courses, which are available at its network of training centres across the UK, offer practical, hands-on training, all delivered by Baxi’s accredited training experts.

For those starting out on their training with heat pumps, the ASHP Product Day explores the principles about how a heat pump works, the Baxi product range, installation considerations, the policy landscape and grants available to installers and customers.

For those looking to gain their Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation, BPEC’s accredited ASHP Course is a hands-on programme that covers the principles of design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of ASHP systems. This course is delivered by Baxi and can include water regulation training for those who have not done their qualification. After a formal assessment that leads to a nationally recognised BPEC qualification, heating engineers can use the qualification to demonstrate competence in heat pump installation for their MCS application.

BPEC course applicants can now take advantage of the new government Heat Training Grant of up to £500 towards the cost of training. To further support engineers with the cost and time spent for qualification, those who take this up can also earn £1,000 worth of Baxi Works loyalty points, once they register their first Baxi Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) via the scheme.

Finally, installers already fitting heat pumps with BPEC accreditation, or another recognised heat pump qualification, can take the Baxi Heat Pump Installer Training. The modular courses give in-depth knowledge and practical skills and are split into two parts – part one on design and application and part two on installation and commissioning of Baxi ASHP products and accessories.

Upon completion of the course, Baxi will offer a free-of-charge commissioning supervision service to give additional support to installers on their first installations. Once comfortable with the installation and satisfactory commissioning checks have been made, each engineer can become a Baxi Heat Pump Installer, earning enhanced warranty and points on installations through the Baxi Works loyalty scheme.

Luke Nicholls, Director at Renew East, who took part in a Baxi ASHP product day course, has installed many ASHPs over the years. He says, “The training that Baxi provided, even as an experienced air source heat pump engineer, was great. The tutors really knew their stuff and the product. They made us feel really comfortable with the product before it arrived on site. My advice to any installer looking to get into air source heat pumps is get yourself on a training course.”

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