BDR Thermea Group acquires 25% stake in G.I. Holding

Baxi parent company BDR Thermea Group acquires 25 percent stake in G.I. Holding

Baxi’s parent company, BDR Thermea Group, has acquired 25% stake in G.I. Holding.

Headquartered in Latisana, Italy, G.I. Holding manufactures and markets a range of heat pumps, liquid chillers, air handling units, rooftop-packaged units and fan coil units under the brand names of CLINT, KTK KLIMATECHNIK, and NOVAIR applied in comfort and process applications.

The company also offers tailormade cooling systems for server rooms and IT cooling applications under the brand of MONTAIR, and specialises in the use of low-global warming potential (GWP) and natural refrigerants.

In the partnership, the company and its brands will continue to operate under their existing names. Since 2020, BDR Thermea Group has been offering G.I. Holding’s medium to high capacity heat pumps under the BAXI in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The strategic partnership enables BDR Thermea Group to expand its offering of commercial, industrial and multi-dwelling residential heating and cooling solutions and provide G.I. Holding’s technology to customers in more markets. The companies will also collaborate in R&D to expand their portfolio of energy transition solutions for customers.

For Baxi’s commercial and industrial customers, the acquisition is set to provide the UK with enhanced capability in renewable technologies, including heat pumps and specialist climate control applications.

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