BEAMA seeks certainty after RHI delayed again

BEAMA seeks certainty after RHI delayed again

Following DECC’s announcement of further delays to the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), BEAMA has called on Greg Barker, Minister for Climate Change, to urgently provide certainty to potential renewable heat customers.

BEAMA’s marketing director, Kelly Butler, said, ‘Further delays of the RHI to Spring 2014 need not be a major market blow if the government commits to at least grandfather all Renewable Heat Premium Payment customers on to the full RHI scheme when it is launched. Past iterations of the RHPP scheme have fallen down due to the lack of certainty for RHI eligibility; so if the government is truly committed to renewable heat then it is now time to give the right amount of confidence to investors.’

Speaking after a meeting with Greg Barker to discuss the government announcements, Butler went on to say, ‘The Minister has just told me that he is 110 per cent committed to the RHI and I believe that there is a real government will to promote renewable heat.  However, we know that the supply chain needs more certainty and a good package to sell.  The Minister has been advised by myself and other industry bodies to increase RHPP voucher values and grandfather all RHPP recipients to RHI in 2014. This is reasonable advice.

‘If the Minister really is 110 per cent in support of RHI then he should have the confidence to reward customers who will be eligible anyway. Any increase in RHPP voucher value can be clawed back when the RHI is launched. It is now time to leave the rhetoric behind and put certainty in its place.’

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