Become a Wiser approved installer with Drayton

With more homeowners looking to installers for advice on efficiency-improving upgrades, such as fitting smart heating controls like Wiser, it is a great time for heating engineers to top up on training and equip themselves with the knowledge to answer these queries.

Drayton’s free online 9º Know How academy is home to the Wiser training module, which is where installers can obtain Wiser Approved Installer status. The simple, easy-to-follow course offers installers, heating engineers and electricians the opportunity to learn more about smart heating controls, as well as how the system can help improve energy efficiency.

The module is delivered through a series of videos covering a wide range of topics, from product basics, correct installation, and commissioning, all the way to customer care and common troubleshooting scenarios. The Wiser course requires users to pass short, easy-to-navigate multiple-choice tests, which awards installers their Wiser Approved status and certificate on completion.

The benefits of becoming a Wiser Approved Installer include a listing on the Wiser consumer website, helping to generate new sales leads from homeowners in their area, a free five-year warranty on registered Wiser kits, which also count towards Wiser Rewards, VIP technical support, and pricing perks in the priority shop.

Other modules also available on 9º Know How, for installers to expand their knowledge and complement their Wiser Approved Installer status, are on Drayton’s TRV range, including the new auto-balancing TRV, and the new Digistat heating control. With the addition of an all-new module on Motorised Valves.

Those who want to extend their knowledge even further can also visit Drayton’s YouTube channel to view a selection of ‘how to’ videos that support the installation of Drayton products. Additionally, installers can join The Drayton Community on Facebook, to access exclusive Facebook live training sessions and connect with their peers.

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