BGEN becomes founding partner of the Warrington Fund

BGEN becomes founding partner of the Warrington Fund

BGEN has become a founding partner of the Warrington Fund. Distributed by Cheshire Community Foundation, this new grant programme will build a permanent fund for charities, community groups and voluntary sector organisations in the Warrington area – the Cheshire town where the firm’s headquarters are located.

The Warrington Fund supports mental health and wellbeing, tackles poverty and disadvantage, as well as developing education, skills and employment – focusing on projects that support the development of sustainable, self-reliant communities. The programme will open after Easter, and charities can apply online.

 All charitable donations made by BGEN will now contribute to one central fund, with monies distributed to grassroots community projects for maximum local impact.

By becoming a partner, BGEN further enhances its longstanding commitment to charity and community support – creating a much enhanced, collaborative and more strategic means to deliver legacy-leaving funds. It will also bring about further volunteering opportunities for BGEN employees.

With the provision of a regular impact report – detailing how its donations are supporting local projects – BGEN will also be able to measure and communicate its positive social impact in line with its ESG commitments.

Grant applications will be presented to the Warrington Fund decision-making panel, that will meet twice a year, to decide how they’d like to see funds to be directed.

“We feel privileged to be a Founding Partner of the Warrington Fund and having the opportunity to support the development of sustainable, self-reliant communities within Warrington and the immediate surrounding area,” says Amy Twist, Head of Sustainability at BGEN and member of the Warrington Fund Advisory Panel.

“By becoming a partner, we can ensure that our contributions are directed to priority projects that are important to us – improving mental health and wellbeing, tackling poverty and disadvantage, developing education, skills and employment and building sustainable communities. We look forward to leaving a legacy within the Warrington area that will positively impact future generations.”    

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