BGEN fuels net zero journey with EV salary sacrifice scheme

BGEN fuels net zero journey with EV salary sacrifice scheme

BGEN has announced its partnership with Vehicle Consulting, in collaboration with franchisee, Vehicle Consulting Solent, to substantially lessen its carbon emissions.

It’s a move that aligns seamlessly with its ambitious sustainability roadmap to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025 and achieve net zero carbon by 2035.

BGEN has always been committed to delivering comprehensive engineering solutions. Recognising the importance of aligning their operations with its ambitious ESG plan, BGEN identified a strategic need to curtail its Scope 3 emissions.

The electric car salary sacrifice scheme is a clear reflection of this commitment. Not only does it offer employees an environmentally friendly transportation option, but it also serves as a testament to BGEN’s dedication to sustainability and enhancing employee welfare by providing them with tangible financial benefits and the pride of contributing to a greener future.

Paul Thorley, Vehicle Consulting Solent, says, “Securing the trust and partnership from a company with the stature of BGEN is a testament to our capability, dedication and professionalism. We’re not just facilitating access to electric vehicles; we’re helping businesses drive tangible change in their environmental footprint whilst enhancing employee satisfaction.”

The scheme emphasises vehicles from eminent brands such as Mercedes and Tesla. The collaboration is set for an initial duration of three years, but both parties are enthusiastic about a prolonged and evolving relationship.

Key benefits of the partnership include:

Tailored solutions: By understanding BGEN’s specific vehicular requirements, Vehicle Consulting tailored a solution to prioritise a mix of vehicle types that fit within BGEN’s value parameters, ensuring that employees have access to a wide range of sustainable transportation options.

Streamlined fleet management: Through an integrated fleet management platform, BGEN can seamlessly track mileage allowances, ensure driver’s license validity, and maintain vehicles efficiently, thereby reducing overheads and ensuring compliance.

Employee perks: Positioned as a cornerstone of this partnership, employees stand to gain substantial financial savings through payroll tax reductions and reduced fuel costs. More importantly, this scheme empowers them to be at the forefront of environmental change, driving vehicles that align with BGEN’s commitment to sustainability.

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