Bosch Launches D-TECT 120 Bosch Professional Wall Scanner

The new D-Tect 120 Bosch Professional Wall Scanner is described as an electrician’s must have.

If you’re looking for accurate results to boost your professionalism and save time, then this is the tool for you. The intuitive and user friendly detector provides a more detailed and accurate understanding of objects hidden behind surfaces. It brings more confidence and safety when carrying out electrical installations and reduces costly mistakes on the job.

The radar scanner for all materials

The Bosch Professional D-Tect 120 Wall Scanner is a high performing radar scanner for a variety of materials, including live cables (maximum depth of 60mm), steel and copper (maximum depth of 120mm), wooden stud (maximum depth of 38mm) and water filled plastic pipes (maximum depth of 60mm).

It is the ideal detector if your daily work involves:

  • Tracing power supply lines across surfaces that link with sockets whilst avoiding dangerous drilling into live wires. This is facilitated by the informative active current warning symbol on the display.
  • Finding convenient locations to fit light switches and sockets, then the traffic light LED warning signals can help give you a clear indication of available areas to install.
  • Avoiding drilling into water filled plastic pipes that could result in costly consequences.
  • Locating appropriate positions to fit in large and complex fuse boxes.

The tool is extremely user friendly with clear visual and audible signals and a high contrast display enabling even beginners to accurately locate cables, and ideal spots for electrical installations.

Professional detection with diverse functions

Detection Modes

The D-Tect 120 detects up to 120mm and can be used to meet a variety of electricians’ application needs through its three detection modes. The illuminated buttons enable users to choose between the drywall, universal or concrete operating modes, increasing the accuracy for different application scenarios. The detection depth varies within the different detection modes in order to optimise accuracy.

Universal mode: the default detection mode identifies metal, live wires and water filled plastic pipes the easiest. It offers a maximum detection depth of 60mm, covering the majority of existing wall scenarios and applications. If the detected material is unknown, then this is the mode to use.

Drywall mode: a mode optimised for materials such as plasterboard and wallboard giving an accurate detection depth up to 60mm. This is the best mode to detect wooden studs whilst equally as accurate for metal, live wires, and plastic pipes.

Concrete mode: has the highest detection depth of 120mm and is optimised for concrete and other homogeneous materials, e.g. to be used when searching for rebar.

Main features

Centre finder and object tracking function

When an object is successfully located, an audio signal will be heard as well as a visual display signal. These features are extremely useful when not only locating objects, but identifying safe areas to drill. The centre of an object is easy to determine thanks to the Centre Finder function. The orientation arrows that appear on the display give the user clear direction to the centre of wires, water-filled plastic pipes, wooden studs and many more.

With the object tracking function, you can easily avoid costly mistakes. The D-Tect 120’s clear display screen indicates the positioning of detected objects behind surfaces through its informative direction arrows offering vital guidance for new Electricians.

Spot measurement function

The innovative radar technology enables spot measurement for precise detection even in the most compact of spaces – there is no need to move the tool back and forth, as results are displayed as soon as the tool comes into contact with the surface.

Dual power source

The D-Tect 120 combines flexibility with convenience in the workplace with its dual power source, being operable by either alkaline batteries or a 10.8/12V lion battery, from the Bosch Professional Power Tools range – bringing versatility to detection.

The Bosch Professional D-Tect 120 Wall Scanner is the perfect electrician’s tool for reducing costly mistakes on the job whilst improving your professionalism and customer satisfaction. The reliability of this tool will never leave you asking questions of what could have been done better on that job.

You can upgrade your one year warranty to three years for free if the D-Tect 120 is registered within four weeks of purchase on the Bosch Professional website, making this a long lasting tool for all Electricians.

The D-Tect 120 can be purchased from the Bosch website here:–43656–0601081300.

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