Bureau Veritas advises businesses on EV charging

EV Chargers

Driving forward with its ambitious plan to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030, the government recently announced a new £20 million pilot scheme to give drivers access to more than 1,000 EV charge points across the country.

With this latest announcement set to ignite a renewed surge in businesses putting EV charging on their agenda, Bureau Veritas is urging them to act now, in order to reap the benefits of front-end advice and early adoption in order to secure a sustainable and long-term investment that works.

Together with the EV charge point grant and the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), this latest monetary injection from the government only encourages businesses and the public sector to embrace the country’s move towards net zero. However, Bureau Veritas is warning that there is much to understand and consider before engaging the installer.

George White, Senior Consultant for Electric Vehicles at Bureau Veritas, says: “The new £20 million investment rollout scheme supports the government’s drive to encourage more motorists to go electric, saving them money on fuel and running costs, while improving air quality as the country moves towards net zero. This is hugely encouraging and welcomed at a time when cost of living is soaring, but when businesses are considering installing EV infrastructure to help the switch, it’s important the take the correct advice before making the significant investment, to make sure it’s the right one for their premises and employees.

“When it comes to EV charge points, one size does not fit all. Each will require a bespoke solution to suit individual needs. For example, some may need high-speed chargers while others require a slow charge unit; no two installations will be the same.”

George continues: “To ensure the right infrastructure at the best cost, partnering with an independent third-party EV specialist, such as Bureau Veritas, can help advise business needs right from the offset, including which grant to secure, through to the charge point installation and ongoing testing and inspection of the units to guarantee safety and reliability.

“Investing in front-end consultancy advice can help save valuable time and money in the long run and ensure that the very best infrastructure is provided and maintained. No business wants to be in the position where they have rushed into decision making and financed unnecessary and incorrect EV charge points that don’t meet their needs.”

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