C.K Cable Routing Solutions to the Rescue

All tradesmen are familiar with cable routing and know the risks of splinters with some cable rods. That has become a painful reality for professionals who have experienced injury when using cable rods by other brands. Recently, C.K has come to the rescue of tradesmen who have sustained bad injuries when using cheaper cable rod sets, made worse by the loss of valuable work time.

Top features and benefits with C.K cable routing

C.K’s innovative range of quality cable routing products offer unrivalled features and benefits to ensure the needs of professional tradesmen are more than met, including vital safe and efficient working conditions.

Take a look at what’s on offer:

Working with professional tradesmen helps C.K find solutions to end user needs, and has enabled the company to develop the most advanced cable routing collection. For example, the C.K MightyRods Pro range is specifically designed to combat the issues of painful splintering and snapping, thanks to an innovative SplinterShield coating – Europe’s first splinter-proof material – that fully protects the rods and allows for longer cable runs.

Flexibility is also key to successful cable routing and, with that in mind, C.K introduced its super-flexible Spira-Flex rod, perfect for accessing tight corners, bends and other obstacles. The SpiraFlex draw tapes offer fantastic benefits when it comes to hassle-free cable routing. The super flexible and extremely tough 4mm Ø SpiraFlex draw tape offers a major improvement on standard nylon and steel draw tapes, which are often prone to twisting and kinking.

The C.K Gloworm Cable Router adds another dimension to the range and is perfect for running cables around tight corners, through insulation filled walls, underneath flooring and across ceilings. Gloworm’s clever, glow in the dark phosphorescent polymer construction aids routing in low light conditions and easier navigation towards exit points. When charged under natural light, Gloworm provides an effective glow for up to 30 minutes.

For the best cable routing solutions, visit www.carlkammerling.com or call 01758 704704.

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