CEDIA applauds successful City & Guilds course participants

Following a large number of subscribers throughout the first half of the year, CEDIA is celebrating the first wave of newly qualified CEDIA Smart Home Technicians and Smart Home Designers.

Recognised City & Guilds training courses are an industry standard, and are valued by employers across the world, helping individuals develop their talents and abilities to further their career progression. CEDIA’s Smart Home Technician programme is awarded to participants who successfully complete twelve training courses, including the CEDIA Boot Camp, ESC Technical and Networking schools. Attendees who successfully sit the ESC-T and ESC-N certification are presented with a City & Guilds accredited Smart Home Technician certificate.

Similarly, participants who successfully complete CEDIA’s Smart Home Designer track, featuring eight training courses from the Designer School, Lighting and Home Cinema Design training packages, and pass the ESC-D certification, are presented with the City & Guilds accredited Smart Home Designer certificate.

Mike Fish, founder and director at Shoal Computer Solutions Ltd, is one of the successful CEDIA course participants to achieve a City & Guilds certification so far this year. Mike took part in the City & Guilds Smart Technician track to help expand his business to encompass all aspects of home technology.

Mike comments, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be an excellent starting point for expanding my business into the home technology market. As well as increasing my knowledge in areas I had very little previous experience in, CEDIA’s City & Guilds accreditation now allows me to present a more professional image to potential clients and gives me greater confidence promoting my new services.’

To find out more about these two courses, download the new Training and Curriculum Guide at www.cediaeducation.com/curriculum-guide. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of CEDIA’s full training and education programme throughout 2016.

To book a place onto CEDIA’s City & Guilds accredited courses, please visit www.cediaeducation.com   


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