CEDIA launches the CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit

CEDIA has announced the launch of the CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit. This new collection of free resources, designed to complement CEDIA’s existing workforce development programs, will help the global CEDIA channel build awareness of industry employment opportunities and recruit new hires.

“I’ve asked CEDIA members around the world what is the most important thing CEDIA can do for them. The number one answer is to bring new workers into the industry,” says Daryl Friedman, Global President and CEO of CEDIA. “They’ve also told me that, if given the tools, they will partner with us to reach out to potential employees. CEDIA NextGen provides those tools.”

Building community awareness

The CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit is designed to help integrators forge connections with local talent pipelines. The kit includes ready-to-use resources employers can present to colleges, trade schools, government agencies, community centres and more. Community outreach assets include:

  •  Informative and energetic industry promotional video
  •  Presentations explaining the industry and viable career pathways
  •  Quick facts sheet
  •  Jobseeker brochure
  •  Print-ready promotional poster
  •  Classroom presentation for integrators

These resources make it easy for the CEDIA channel to give polished career fair and in-class presentations, educate career counsellors about the industry, and offer leave-behind assets for guidance offices, career centres and employment offices.

The CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit also includes resources for individuals looking to begin a career in the smart home industry, such as:

  •  A guide to career pathways
  •  An overview of skills needed at each stage
  •  Average salary ranges by title
  •  A guide to relevant certifications and credentials

“We already have an incredible network of local member champions working to build awareness of the industry and its opportunities in their regions,” says Mandy Beckner, Vice President of Education and Training for CEDIA. “These tools will help make those critical volunteer efforts easier and more effective – and encourage even more members to speak out on behalf of the industry.”

Recruitment resources

In addition to general community outreach, the CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit includes tools to expedite hiring and recruitment. The kit includes customisable messaging examples for job descriptions, email and social correspondence with target recruits, and phone interview scripts. These resources can help employers post open positions on job websites faster, including CEDIA’s Career Centre, and communicate more effectively whenever they need to hire.

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