CEDIA To Become ‘Grow with Google’ Education Partner

CEDIA is offering prospective and current members free access to Grow with Google courses in a range of subjects to complement its industry-leading curriculum. Accessed via CEDIA Academy online, the curated collection of courses from Google explores topics such as the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing,” “Design Thinking for the Entrepreneur,” “Attract More Customers Online Using Digital Tools and the Black-Owned Business Attribute,” and more. The first 10 topics will be posted in May, with new topics posted at the beginning of each month following.

“Our industry is full of small business owners who share a passion for smart home technology and how technology can enhance homeowners’ lives. Yet to be successful and stand out from the crowd, integrators must develop more than just technical skills and become masters at business,” says Giles Sutton, CEDIA Interim Co-CEO and SVP Member Success and Sales. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with Grow with Google. We’ve supplemented CEDIA’s high-quality education with courses and content that equips integrators with the tools they need to level up their businesses and to help them go from strength to strength.”

“We are excited to share Grow with Google’s free training resources to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in CEDIA’s network gain valuable digital skills and grow their businesses,” says Aisha Taylor, Community Engagement Lead for Grow with Google.

The latest on Google learning relating to smart home connectivity and other business growth opportunities with Google’s Nest Pro programme will also be detailed on Wednesday 19th May at the Nest Pro Virtual Summit. Google leadership and product managers will walk-through Nest’s investment in the professional trades and upcoming new products and updates to the Nest Pro programme geared to help you expand your business.

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