Charging flexibility in multi-storey car parks with the GARO Entity Pro 

Charging flexibility in multi-storey car parks with the GARO Entity Pro 

Tailored solutions for diverse charging needs within businesses, organisations, hotels, shopping centres and car parks. Multi-storey car parks are a key location for the integration of advanced EV charging solutions. Among these solutions, GARO’s Entity Pro EV Charging Station stands out as a market leader in optimising efficiency and convenience.

The GARO Entity Pro charger caters to diverse charging requirements within multi-storey car parks. These chargers are designed for mounting on poles or walls, optimising space efficiently. An innovative combination of the back plate, charger, and front cover allows for adaptability and convenience. Some main highlights that Entity Pro covers in any car park or multiple EV charging installations are: 

  1. Smart technology integration: GARO’s Entity Pro EV Charging Station is not just a simple charging point; it’s a marvel of smart technology integration. Equipped with advanced features such as RFID authentication, user-friendly interfaces, and real-time monitoring capabilities, these stations ensure a seamless and secure charging experience for EV owners and users. The ability to remotely manage and track charging sessions enhances operational efficiency and reduces maintenance downtime, making it an ideal choice for multi-storey car parks with high traffic volumes.
  1. Space optimisation: One of the primary challenges in multi-storey car parks is space optimisation. GARO’s Entity Pro Charging Stations are designed with a compact footprint, allowing for efficient use of available space without compromising on functionality. These stations can be strategically installed at convenient locations throughout the parking facility, ensuring accessibility for all EV users without creating congestion or hindering other parking operations. Additionally, daisy-chaining the cables connecting all the charging points and using one charge point as the master throughout the installation can further optimise space.
  1. Scalability and futureproof: As the EV market continues to grow, scalability and futureproof are paramount considerations for charging infrastructure. GARO’s Entity Pro Charging Stations are modular and scalable, enabling easy expansion and upgrades as demand increases. Whether it’s adding more charging points or integrating new technologies, these stations can adapt to evolving needs, making them a long-term investment for car park operators.
  1. User experience and convenience: Finally, the user experience and convenience offered by GARO’s Entity Pro Charging Stations cannot be overstated. With features like plug-and-charge functionality, mobile app integration for payment and scheduling, and compatibility with various EV models, these stations prioritise user convenience and satisfaction. EV owners can enjoy hassle-free charging while accessing essential services within the car park, creating a positive impression, and encouraging repeat visits.

The adoption of GARO’s Entity Pro EV Charging Stations in multi-storey car parks represents a significant step towards sustainability. From smart technology integration to space optimisation, scalability, environmental benefits, and enhanced user experience, these charging stations embody the future of EV infrastructure. Car park operators and stakeholders can embrace this technology to stay ahead in this evolving landscape while contributing to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. A review of the installation of Entity Pro is available for viewing on the GARO Youtube channel. Or to find out more details about this product, please visit the website at

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