Class, comfort and control: C.K Tools launches new products

C.K Tools is continuing its promise to produce high quality tools that meet the most demanding needs of trade professionals, with new offerings and updates across its crimpers and wire strippers.

The hand tool specialist’s new Modular Crimper 8P (T3853), Automatic Wire Stripper Pro (T3943) and improved two-component handles across both products and their accompanying ranges, will ensure every trade professional has the highest-class product for the job, with improved comfort and control.

The pass-through Modular Crimper 8P (T3853)

The biggest headache when working with 8P Modular Plugs? Getting extremely thin wires cut to the correct lengths and inserted in the correct sequence to ensure no missed connections at the point of crimping – and a poorly designed crimper never helps the situation.

Not only do C.K Tools’ new crimpers include a deadlock system and high compression for easy, safe and precise crimping of 8P Pass Through Modular Plugs, they also cut, strip and trim wires making them the perfect multi-tool for the job.

The crimpers have been produced with precision engineered dies and made from carbon alloy steel for strength and durability; combined with 40,000 test cycles and you’ve got a quality crimper you can trust to deliver safe connections every time.

Moreover, they also come with a new, unique two-component handle which is more comfortable to use and enables you to apply more efficient pressure without the fear of hand strain.

Extra crimper comfort across the whole range

And that two-component handle now also features across C.K Tools’ entire crimper range thanks to the multiple benefits the new design provides.

Providing greater ergonomic support and combined with an auto-stop ratchet system which releases when the correct pressure is applied, the unique handle design ensures reliability, accuracy and more importantly protection for muscles and joints from the over-application of compression.

Strip away with ease

C.K Tools’ Automatic Wire Stripper Pro (T3943) is giving tradespeople a reason to add it to their tool bags.

With extended stripping capacity and automatic adjustments from 0.05-8mm², the Automatic Wire Stripper Pro now also features C.K Tools’ new two-component handle for fatigue-free wire stripping.

The handles are also shatterproof so can withstand the toughest of working environments and new hardened and fully replaceable stainless-steel blades ensure reliability and efficiency, enabling long-term use of the stripper.

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