CMD releases innovative new products for 2014

The products are designed to make workstations more ergonomic by ensuring power points can be easily reached with the latest technology and by minimising the amount of loose wiring with integrated cable management solutions.

The 2014 catalogue features over 20 new products with a key highlight being the PortHole III (available from Spring 2014) which features the latest wireless charging technology. PortHole III allows wireless charging devices to be charged by simply placing them on the PortHole’s surface and an LED indicator on the charging module will turn green when a device is charging. The PortHole III can work on any desk and is available in black, grey or white.

The PortHole II features CMD’s new dual port USB charger which is capable of charging a wide range of devices including simultaneously charging two Apple devices and complies with the latest charging standard BS EN62684:2010. The two USB charging ports are independent and can be used at the same time and powered from the adjacent socket, which means no additional wiring is required.

Another highlight is the fully customisable Contour power module which now is available in a metal extrusion body as well as a plastic version. It features a lateral fuse carrier, internal segregation between power and data and comes with plastic clips on the cover so there are no visible fixing screws. The Contour power module can also be configured to allow energy to be monitored and controlled with CMD’s energy management system Footprint.

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