CP Automation offers compact and versatile power analyser range

CP Automation now supplies the PQube 3 series of power analysers from Powerside. The power analysers measure, identify and record all power quality disturbances and environmental or process parameter symptoms in real-time. This will equip the company’s customers with the tools to effectively identify power quality disturbance issues and consequently improve productivity at their facilities.

The PQube 3 series constitutes five models – the PQube 3, 3e, 3r, 3v and 3 Portable. The standard variety comes with an impressive number of features, such as up to 14 energy metering channels, four quadrant metering, alarms, intuitive touch-screen display and automatic reporting. Incredibly versatile, the power analyser can also be used as a controller, voltage monitor and revenue-grade meter. It is certified for class A power quality as per IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3 and measures in real-time, recording 2 kHz to 150 kHz emissions.

In addition to the standard model, CP Automation also stocks the PQube 3 Portable power analyser. It detects high-frequency transients at 4MHz and records 2kHz to 150kHz conducted emissions. This device combines powerful communication capabilities with the quick installation of a portable instrument. Perfect for temporary power measurement activities, it can be used as a stand-alone with a USB stick for configuration and data download or if connected to a network, it delivers event notification and regular reporting.

“There’s no question that power quality disturbances are on the rise,” explains John Mitchell, global sales & marketing director at CP Automation. “Harmonic currents, poor power factor and voltage fluctuations are all common problems in industry. Customers can install the PQube 3 for continuous monitoring and this is the first step toward gathering clear actionable data to solve power quality problems.

Crucially, data recorded by the PQube 3 can help to pinpoint the root cause of power quality issues, reducing plant equipment failure or nuisance tripping. Its continuous recording allows the user to go back and in time and see what happened.’’

Typically used in a range of commercial and industrial facilities, the PQube 3 series is particularly suited to applications from a supply connection of a transformer, generator, PV solar plant or wind turbine in all industries, such as marine, data centres, manufacturing, transport, water and wastewater, and hospitals to name a few.”

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