CPS and Powerstar to generate a brighter net zero future

CPS partners with Powerstar to generate a brighter net zero future

Critical Power Supplies (CPS) has entered a collaborative partnership with Powerstar to help guide businesses on their net zero journey. 

CPS is a provider of power protection solutions with a rich legacy spanning more than 30 years. Positioned as the premier, independent, multi-brand supplier in the UK, CPS works with a diverse range of customers across healthcare, information technology, maritime, retail, telecommunications, and other industries. Powerstar designs and manufactures energy technologies, making power as affordable, sustainable, and reliable as possible. 

The UK’s energy landscape is changing, including the rise in wholesale prices and the transition to a renewable-based energy mix, creating fresh challenges for businesses committed to decarbonising their estates and operations. CPS and Powerstar share the belief that through cutting-edge technology, education, and guidance, businesses can transform their power into sustainable and efficient solutions. 

Solon Mardapittas, CEO of Powerstar, says, “Energy efficient power solutions are a commercial necessity, but many businesses benefit from guidance as to how energy management can best fit their specific needs and enhance their operations. This partnership with CPS brings together shared knowledge and expertise across both companies, to help transform power technology for businesses into more sustainable and environmentally sound commercial solutions.”

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