CU Phosco Lighting improves traditional lighting range

CU Phosco Lighting offer cost-savings on improved traditional lighting range

CU Phosco Lighting has announced a number of improvements to its traditional lighting range, including enhanced lumen performance, superior efficacy and lighting quality.

The range, ideal for retrofit lighting or projects that needs a traditional-style lantern with the latest LED technology for optimal energy savings, promises to be its most cost-effective to date.

Lowering the cost of heritage lighting

In celebration of its recent centenary celebrations, the technical team at CU Phosco Lighting looked to re-engineer the range to offer improved performance and cost-savings.

Technical Manager, Paul Carter, comments, “CU Phosco Lighting has been a trusted brand for over 100 years, but are aware we’re more traditionally associated with functional streetlighting, floodlighting and high masts. With the improvements to our traditional lighting range, we hope that specifiers see our heritage luminaires as a viable alternative. We believe that the enhancements we’ve made mean that our lanterns are more cost-effective, both in terms of initial investment and whole life cost, including maintenance. This offers obvious benefits to both clients and end-users.”

Warmer colour temperatures down to 2200K have been integrated into its light engines. This addition offers a smoother transition from the traditional low-pressure sodium (SOX) lamps typically associated with heritage lanterns and responds to the market’s shift toward warmer colour temperatures.

Fourth generation LEDs

Now in its fourth iteration, CU Phosco Lighting light engines offer improved energy efficiency, which played a crucial role in the relaunch, resulting in the upgraded luminaires now achieving up to 172 lumens per watt. This represents a remarkable 30% increase compared to the existing options and also means schemes could benefit from increased column spacing.

Upward light

A number of CU Phosco Lighting’s products have recently been International Dark Sky approved, so in line with this commitment to responsible outdoor lighting, the heritage lighting range features reduced upward light and a glare rating of up to G3. Certain optics and lantern powers being Dark Sky compliant.

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