Dimplex renewable training focuses on solar PV market

Dimplex renewable training focuses on solar PV market

Dimplex’s training courses are helping installers, specifiers and other industry professionals to access the lucrative and rapidly growing solar PV market, with an in-depth knowledge of the technology and an industry recognised qualification.

Reg Clifton of QED (UK) attended the Dimplex solar PV training course earlier this year. A chartered engineer and quality specialist with nearly 50 years’ experience across a wide variety of sectors including defence, facilities management and, in recent years, construction, these days Reg offers services as a consultant and project manager. He’s already a Dimplex accredited heat pump installer, and also writes layman’s guides to new technologies such as heat pumps and solar PV, so he needs to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry.

He explained, ‘My involvement with solar PV at the moment tends to be on the system design side, but I find it’s extremely useful to have a full understanding of the whole installation process. The Dimplex PV course is very concentrated. The trainers are excellent and every aspect is covered.’

Reg continued, ‘It’s a time of terrific change in the industry. The renewables market is growing rapidly, offering great opportunities. But both the market and the technology are changing so quickly, you’ve got to work at keeping up to date, in order to be able to give the best advice on projects, and to the public.’

Dimplex’s solar PV course also provides recognised training competency towards installer certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Once MCS certificated, attendees will be able to access grant funding for their customers for any installations completed.

For full details on the solar PV installer training course including a list of dates visit: www.dimplex.co.uk/training

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