Domus Ventilation launches next gen MVHR systems

Domus Ventilation has launched its next generation HRXE Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units for a wider range of residential properties.


HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one system. They recover the heat typically lost in waste, stale air and use it to temper the fresh air drawn into the building via a heat exchanger. The filtered, pre-warmed air is distributed to areas of the home such as living rooms and bedrooms, meeting part of the heating load in energy efficient dwellings.


Building on the success of previous HRXE MVHR systems, Domus has developed HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA to provide ‘even greater efficiency’ through heat exchange proficiency and the lowest Specific Fan Power (SFP) of any of its MVHR units. Furthermore, the new range now comes with a warranty of five years, with the first year covering parts and labour.


HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA have also been given a new design in white and grey, with a front facia, which is consistent across the range. For the developer, the consistent look across the range is ‘more appealing’ and the design is very much in line with contemporary white goods.


HRXE-HERA is suited to use IN smaller properties of up to two/three bedrooms, with the HRXE-AURA extending the range to larger homes of up to four/five bedrooms.


All units feature 100% thermal (summer) bypass which automatically activates when the air temperature reaches a pre-set level, allowing in cooler, fresh, filtered air without warming it through the heat exchanger. The design of the HRXE means there is no reduction in airflow when operating in bypass mode.


The new HRXE range is also quiet, with background ventilation at 24dB(A). Noise reduction can be further reduced through the use of an Anti-Vibration tray, which isolates the unit from the wall to reduce any low levels of vibration induced noise which can be distracting to residents.


Within the HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA range, models are available with integral humidity sensors. By measuring air humidity, the HRXE’s extract speed automatically changes from background to boost as the level of humidity increases.


When it comes to installation, Domus Ventilation has designed HRXE-HERA and HRXE-AURA units to be smaller than their predecessors making them ‘ideal for wall-mounted cupboard installation’, with opposite handed models available to meet different on-site requirements. Spigots on the top of the HRXE-HERA are 125mm and for HRXE-AURA are 150mm, but with Domus Ventilation’s extensive duct portfolio, adaptors are available to enable connection to the most common ducting size – 204x600mm flat channel duct – for ‘quicker and more cost-effective’ installation. 

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