The highly flexible and sustainable downlight range – now available in three sizes

The Cetus downlight range offers a solution that fits. Universally designed and easy to install or tailor to individual needs, it is the perfect option for both new installations and refurbishment projects.

Thorn Lighting is pleased to introduce the new Cetus range which provides increased flexibility and performance. Alongside the Lumen Colour Select (LCS) feature, there’s also a greater focus on sustainability.

Lumen output and colour value selection made easy

With the Lumen Colour Select (LCS) feature, colour temperatures and lumen outputs can be chosen after the luminaire has been installed. This means that with Cetus, the use of a space can be defined last-minute, or even changed over time. This is done simply and quickly by using a screwdriver to rotate an inner plate which features embossed preset values. When doing this, there are two lumen outputs to choose from (800lm and 1500lm for the small variant, or 2000lm and 3400lm for the medium and large versions) and three colour temperatures (3000K, 3500K and 4000K).

The downlight range that always fits

Available in three different recess sizes (small, medium or large), the Cetus downlight range is extremely flexible. Fitting or covering all ceiling cut-outs from 95 to 230mm, project needs can be met while at the same time, remaining aesthetically consistent across a project. Tolerances of ceiling cut outs of 30-40mm can be covered without the need for retro-fit rings, making Cetus the perfect choice for refurbishment projects. A recessed depth of just 100mm also means that Cetus is well suited to installation in ceilings with shallow voids. The design of the Cetus is minimal, but it’s performance is not – with outputs of up to 3400lm.

A step towards sustainability

This new range has a focus on sustainability – with efficacy up to 140lm/W and a lifetime of L80 50,000 hours. In addition, Cetus is aligned with the Single Lighting Regulation (SLR) which now requires that lighting products comply with ecodesign requirements.

Ulrich Juergenschellert, Product Manager Downlights, says: “The new Cetus range is low in complexity and high in flexibility. From the Lumen Colour Select feature which enables temperatures and lumen outputs to be chosen post-installation, to the plug and play driver and three size options – we’ve created this product for simplicity. Whether it’s a completely new project or a renovation and replacement of existing luminaires – Cetus provides an easy, consistent solution.”

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